Amongst The Stars

by Vthov

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Vthov's debut album "Amongst The Stars" takes the listener on a journey deep into a unique brand of hip hop. A polished blend of positivity, story telling, witty bars, and bold musicality; this sonic masterpiece arrives at a fork in the road and goes straight. A high level of musicianship exudes from every track. Amongst The Stars is guaranteed to give it's listeners a unique, enthralling hip hop experience.

"How you respond to failure can make you a success. How you respond to success can make you a failure." - Vthov


released March 2, 2012

Credits: All tracks written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Alvin "Vinthoven aka Vthov" Giles in Orlando, FL at his home project studio with the following exceptions: Marcel "Raprisante" Lewandowsky produced the instrumental for track 7 "Amongst The Stars." Antoinette Giles supplied singing vocals on track 4 "Pains Growing," Track 7 "Amongst The Stars," and track 8 "Tear Me down." Album mastered by Gebre Waddell at Stonebridge Mastering. Album art photography done by Troy Huynh. Designed by the Design Studio™ at Disc Makers. Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.

Special Thanks: Thank you God for giving me vision, direction, and placing the people mentioned below in my life. Thank you Mom and Dad for investing in piano lessons, education, and musical instruments. Thanks for raising me to be a leader, and supporting my decision to pursue a music career (even though mom thinks hip hop is crap!) Thank you Antoinette for supporting a dream that statistically yields infinitesimal success to most and marrying me regardless of that fact. Thank you fans for confirming that my music is viable, wanted, and necessary. Thank you to all the people in the industry who have said no to me. You taught me to make things happen for myself.


all rights reserved



Vthov Orlando, Florida

Alvin "Vinthoven bka Vthov" Giles is a summa cum laude graduate of FAMU. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, his music is highly regarded as a breath of fresh air. He intricately weaves musical elements together with fluctuating rhyme schemes to produce a fresh sound. Escaping the confines of mainstream taste, he brings his listeners raw thought provoking lyrics over sonorous beats. ... more

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Track Name: Foreword (Forward)
Track 1
Foreword (Forward)

Hi My name is Vthov I do this for the people
Music's sugar free so you gone need to bring some equal
Catch me in the sky with the eagles and the seagulls
You need to know that feeble flow is not what you gone see though
My people, are you ready for this Negro's deep flow
A rapper that has mastered the contraction of his ego
That has a real disaster flow expansion of a sinkhole
Life's a haystack this the extraction of a needle
Distraction of the people by the masses of the evil
I'm a master of the craft so I'm gone have to keep it regal
You snakes, I'm guaranteed to pop the weasel
My flow is positive but my delivery's medieval
So if you hungry you can dine in at my bistro
I'm running hard for my music faster then my feet go
And that's until my knees blow
Until my shoes have weak soles
I'll speak those things for those who may have weak souls
Track Name: On My Way, Follow Me
Track 2
On My Way, Follow Me

I am on my way, I can't stay in place
Mountains move today, cause I am on my way

(Verse 1)
Forget your favorite rapper, because I been hotter
I'll beat this track up like it was a piñata
See I'm a grown man, He's just a big toddler
I'm the rap version of Michael Felps but if he swims harder
The music biz is like a bike I'm trying to kick start her
But it's like they keep the gas locked up in this big locker
And this exec in a suit makes you this big offer
Rap about our drugs ice cars and rims brother
Rap with no class we'll give you gas to get farther
No I'll rap about class so kids can get smarter
Guess this your first time meeting a rapper that gets bothered
When toddlers miss fathers too selfish to give harder
See I'm a wolverine amongst beavers and sick otters
Pissed off cause yall expect good rappers to win smaller
Your blood money's drug money save it for some dummy
This conversation's checkmate, yahtzee, rummy


(Verse 2)
Nowadays everybody believes they a top soldier
Round my way they drop soldiers like leaves in October
Everyone's a G till they meet someone a lot bolder
Triggers squeeze peoples' chest left steamin like hot Foldgers
Emulate the industry's models and top posers leaves you
Empty ignorant dead toppled and knocked over
Wobble and fall forward you squabble like small ogres
I'm a planet planted standin by cobbles and small boulders
Told you compared to most my flow is a lot older
Mr. Freeze. You're favorite MC believes I'm a lot colder
I'm hotter then pot smokers no soap and bod odors
Like a cook in hells kitchen without any pot holder
A message to the poor your battle is not over
Augment your thought holder keep standing on God's shoulders
My music's power makes a gangster wanna watch Oprah
Turn dealers to stock brokers and fiends to stock holders

Yeah you can follow me
I'ma put the game back in its proper perspective just like it ought to be.
I'ma do it audibly, yeah there's no stoppin me
I know the kids watchin me so I'ma kill it horribly
I'ma keep droppin beats to make you gangsters drop the beef
Maybe I can stop the G's from killing in these awful streets
If you ever held a piece killing over petty things
I'ma shake ya game up till it crumbles like some feta cheese
Next to me, these rappers suck respect your elders please
I'm hot on the mic I'll melt em like some cheddar cheese
Regardless how the weather be, yall better clear the skies
I'ma take off at warp nine like the enterprise
Track Name: Spoken Word
Track 3
Spoken Word

Can I get some keys?
Now let me get some hi hats.
Let me get some hi hats. Some hi hats...
And now Mr. Bass Player said where you at? ugh.
Drummer man, let me get some kicks.
Now hold on. Don't give em too much.
Now kick, ugh, kick
kick, kick, kick, kick
Now let me hear yall just groove.
Ah we cookin' now.
I hope yall don't mind me getting me getting on my artistic flow real quick.
I'ma do this one like Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou
This piece is called Spoken Word.

Ugh, yeah, I'll speak a spoken word, filled with broken verbs
Conjunction-junctions and spoken slurs I hope ya heard
About the homeless herd of human beings on the curb
And how we just walk by heads high no concern
We forget the grace of God we truly don't deserve
Cause our nice cars jewelry clothes coats and furs
Gives our life meaning more than his and more than hers
And collectively together means more then theirs
You see that lady there across the street with shoulders curled
With the shopping cart my homeboy used to go with her
They broke up a while ago cause she would go and flirt
With every other guy but don't judge I overheard
That when she was a girl her step dad would go berserk
And start beating her and even start choking her
She was nine years old when she finally told the nurse
How her womb got soaked in sperm
Her hear couldn't hold the hurt
And that dude in high school was the token nerd
He was real smart, he would go and learn
More then what was required so he could go and earn
A nice livin, but he started smokin' herb
Just to fit in his addiction grew he gone get served
Three blunts a day with crack cocaine till he's to stoned to burn
Both roam the earth, both could've broke the curse
If someone took the time to show them Jesus Christ's golden word
I'll speak a spoken word, filled with broken verbs,
No hors d'oeuvres, similes for dinner, metaphors for dessert
Even though you rap drugs and women, coke and skirts
And I rap kids in the hood know your worth
My hip hop can still rock, any show on the earth
Your hip hop can get shot by mine call the coroner
I'm just a foreigner with a foreign word
Lost at sea but please believe that V-T-H-O-V was born to surf
My rhymes go hard in the streets and on your turf
A flip of the pen those same rhymes can go to church
Our youth are gangster now but their to young to know the hurst
But they know some hurt I hope my music helps them grow in spurts
After they finish first or second I hope the go for third
I'll never sell them short or sell out, that's on my word
Every song I write I try to cause my dome to burst
My hot bars can stop cars and cause stars souls to burn
Remember back in the day we used to throw the nerf
Now yall sit on facebook all day poking girls
The same girls that used to be at grandma's on her nerves
Running up the light bill till she got so flustered
They grew up to be barbies so awkward
And yall grew up to be gangsters, so absurd
Don't infer, you gone observe as your boy shows the world
That my beats are cold as burr and my flow is strong as birch

Tell me, what happens to a dream deferred?
And why does the caged bird sing?
But most important of all, tell me,
When will we rise?
Track Name: Pains Growing
Track 4
Pains Growing

Mom and pops always had to fuss yall
Running up and down the streets trying to duck the law
Pistol toting gangsters blazing at the club yall
That's why riding twenty deep was a must yall
But now I'm older I can see now what is up yall
And all this hating is motivating me to touch yall
See we don't have to preach bout money guns and drugs yall
Believe that we can make a difference and we must yall

(Verse 1)
Wait a minute before you cut this track off
See I'm about to help you people blast off
Everybody wants to be Mr. Miagi
But don't nobody want to wax on and wax off
If you a G you can take the mask off
If you've been broken you can take the cast off
I know it feels like life is Iron Mike
And you're a weak fighter with a glass jaw
But we are at our best when troubles come and times are rough
See trials and tough times they come to make us strong
But the struggle's no excuse to succumb to wrong
So help me sing this song


(Verse 2)
Surrounded by all this darkness cut the lights on
I'm making this my home
And choking the rap game like a python
From my throne, I'm blowing away the negative like a cyclone
I'm hoping to right wrongs
And all of you swag rappers thinking you fly well this a no fly zone
See half of your eyes closed
To the truth it's making your eyes sore
In order to change the world you need to start by changing what's in your iphone
And find those, artists who talk about life on
Their records the struggle and strife so
That you won't repeat their mistakes if you do you can fight on


We must yall... Must yall...
We must Yall.... We must yall.
Track Name: Nice Guys
Track 5
Nice Guys

Oh hi April. I thought you looked familiar.
How's life treating you and who's this little killer?
You must be so very proud, raising up a family, wow.
Glad to see you happy now, I'd love to meet the father tell me is he around?
Oh, I'm sorry he abused you. Said he's locked up now?
Man that's a loose loose but you don't have a blues clue.
You date the men you choose to.
You could've had all m y love but you just refused to.
When I saw you I just couldn't believe it.
The first girl I'd give my heart to and let her keep it.
You were so beautiful, manicured nails and cuticles
Sitting on top of your pretty toes.
A single fruit loop stands out in a bowl of Cheerios.
So I became your friend and you became my homie.
I wanted to be more I couldn't stand to see you lonely.
But I had to investigate. See why you gotsta perpetrate.
You said you want a nice guy but thugs is who you always date.

They say nice guys finish last.
My time within your grasp was colder then a Winter's draft.
Unlike the sly guys in your past.
The wise guys that write lies to try to get in your pants.
In hindsight it's really sad
You know that I tried but didn't last.
I know we went our separate ways.
But do you ever think about what could've been today?

It's not cool to respect a girl.
And place your heart next to hers.
It's not cool to give her the world.
I guess I'm not cool so I'll just leave you alone.
They say nice guys finish last.
Nice... nice... nice guys finish last.
Leave you alone.
They say nice guys finish last.
They say nice guys finish last.

(Verse 2)
That chapter in my life I called the rainy days of April.
You pissed me off cause you would always allow these lames to date you
Which back fired and for me it should've made you grateful
I mean, how hard is it to choose between Kane and Able?
I should've sprained my ankle trying to run away to
Reality instead of waiting for you in plays and fables.
Had ties, but you liked the sad lies of bad guys I was mad nice
Hoping that this bad guy fad dies.
You know I almost turned bad myself
And did somebody's daughter wrong but thank God I had some help.
Before I could go off I met my wife she said know thyself
And she was right, I put my inner bad guy back on the shelf.
Now we're living so peacefully.
All the women like you I tell my dogs to leave them be.
And find one ride or die for nice guys to the finish
who appreciates the nice things... all the things you didn't.


(Vamp Repeat twice)

I guess I'm not cool so I'll just leave you alone.
They say nice guys finish last.
Nice... nice... nice guys finish last.
Leave you alone.
They say nice guys finish last.
They say nice guys finish last.
Track Name: Outcast Music
Track 6
Outcast Music

An outcast is a person rejected by society or a social group. Well I welcome that designation. So you can go ahead and reject this!

If this whole world loves it when you act like clowns,
Then this whole world loves it when you drop your crowns,
And if this whole world loves it when you have no clue,
Then this whole world loves it when you act like fools.

Outcast Music
Outcast Music
Outcast Music
Outcast Music

(Verse 1)
Look at the signs. Look at the times.
How could you people sit back and recline?
When so many folks are loosing their lives,
And most of the youth are loosing their minds...
You goons are a disgrace.
What you gonna do when I get up in your space?
What you gonna do when the truth is in your face?
If the youth follow you then they're too a disgrace and their future's erased.
But "I don't care." Yeah, that's what you say
Cause making some real music don't get you paid.
As long as your diamonds look like lemonade
And you have some rims on your new escalade then "I don't care."
Yeah, that's how you feel. You keep it gangsta you keep it real.
You got that white and you'll tote that steel.
You'll whore yourself out before you pass on a meal.
Well, I don't care. See I got the blueprint.
I can't buy your music and won't listen to it.
Until you make something that isn't so useless,
Then I have no choice but to chuck up the deuces.
So please fall back. I'm through with the foolishness.
Judases influence youth through the music.
Unscrupulous goons with lucrative misusages.
Bask in their ignorance cause yall are cool with it.


(Verse 2)
I can't fall off. <why?> cause I'm on a mountain.
Come from the school of Andre 3000, Sir Lucious Left Foot
And Andre the Giant. Duke Ellington and Willie the Lion
I'll rip this beat like I came from Stankonia
Smoother than butter and grease on linoleum
Hate on your face like a mouth full of sodium
I make hip hop but you'll swear it was opium
Cause I'm DOPE!
But my brand is positive, stopping the process of kids lost as hostages
Prodigious youth otherwise gone to colleges
Lost in an ocean of violence and hostileness
Born to die, or get locked in some boxes just
Ponder the cause of this self-hate unlawfulness
Those of us blessed enough to work in offices
Got our heads buried in sand like some ostriches.
But I'm here to challenge the status
Quo when I'm rapping, hope that you grasp it
Stories and anecdotes, poison and antidotes
Flow kind of magical come down my rabbit hole and I'll show
You people my wonderland
Where all the rappers don't have to act tougher than
Gangsters in movies or beasts from the motherland
Music is whack without substance or sustenance.

Track Name: Amongst The Stars
Track 7
Amongst The Stars

(Verse 1)
A young CEO, on the grind. Check.
Positive flow, on my mind. Check.
Fresh pair of chucks on my feet. Check.
I believe they can take me where I wanna go next.
And where I wanna go is on your screen or tape deck,
To let the people know don't be defined by the rest.
So every time I touch the mic, bruh, I'm gone wreck;
And fold your favorite rapper up like a bowflex.
My name is Vinthoven, I know a lot of you <expletive> never heard of me.
But when it comes to murkin beats believe there's no serving me.
Urgently, call 9-1-1 emergnecy!
Hip Hop's dead I turned the game into a murder scene.
Serving beef to negativity like I'm the burger king.
If you had it your way you'd probably have me serving ki's,
Or bangin where them lurkers be.
Devil's trying to flirt with me.
While similar ignorance hurts the streets,
My flow is here to serve the peeps.
Never been afraid to disengage from the status quo.
A renegade penetrates with the illest grade of hazard flows.
That's until my casket close I'm making hits and smashing shows.
Laughing at your lack of flows. I think I'll just rap for those,
Who may be thinking of dreams afar.
You can tell their life is hell but it just seems bizarre.
They still beaming hard, trying to reach for mars.
I'ma tell them keep your head up and you can see the stars.

(Pre Chorus)
We can go far, if we go hard.
We can go far, if we go hard.
We can go far, if we go hard.
We can go far, if we go hard.

We can play amongst the stars.
We can play amongst the stars.
We can play amongst the stars.

(Verse 2)

Ugh! Haters cocky with their comments.
Truth is deep inside themselves they're hardly being honest.
You wanna go hard try hoping on a rocket
You can skate on Saturn's rings and play hockey with a comet.
Ugh! I'm just trying to pay some homage.
Not to no one famous but to people seeking knowledge
To the young man who starts a business with an empty wallet
To the woman who's first in her family to go to college I see ya!
I hope your dreams take the world hostage.
I hope your success makes your haters want to vomit.
I hope you need a safe in your house back in your closet,
but I pray that you give back to the people before you lock it.
I hope you pave the way for someone else before you stop it.
I hope you tell your kids to do the same so they can profit.
I hope they make a movie about your life and that they drop it.
While you're still alive and with a mind so you can watch it.
And if you jammed up I hope they give you probation.
I hope you make a change and add some value to the nation.
I hope you give the boys you ran with motivation.
Hope your haters try to <expletive> on you but get constipation.
I hope you take off for a stellar vacation to a nebula
or some intergalactic constellation.
To ride the solar winds all you need is preparation.
This I humbly submit for your contemplation:
The sky can't be the limit if space is your destination.

(Pre Chorus)

If we go hard. 9x
We can go far!
Track Name: Tear Me Down
Track 8
Tear Me Down

Yo this song right hear... Yo this is the one.
This is for the kids... This I why I do this.
Our youth... Our future.
Who have been torn down... It's a shame really.
They been torn down by bullies... Envy.
They been torn down by rappers... Greed.
They been torn down by the adults in their lives... Slothfulness.
In general they've been torn down by our lack of priorities as a society... Yup.
And enough is enough... We need to do better.

(Verse 1)
I'ma tell you something that's hurting the kids bad.
Every time they go to class the kids laugh,
Cause they're poor and their clothes don't posses the right tags.
They feel incomplete like a lawn with no grass, a bomb with no blast
Armstrong with no Jazz.
Payless on their feet means they are of low class.
I wonder where they learn that driving a nice jag,
Rocking some nice Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags
Means you better than the next or better than the rest.
Forget about your brain or heart beating in your chest.
I wonder why these kids are so materialistic
Money means self worth so unrealistic
I'm an oracle you can call me a mystic
You looking for the point well I think you just missed it
I really hate to say it yall gone call me a cynic
But I wish adults would add common sense to their wish list
Let me break it down it couldn't be any clearer
You wonder who to blame just look in the mirror.
I figure, The reason kids are shallow it might be
Because society worships people with nice things.
Likely you're a loser if you don't have no Nikes
Or J's on your feet go ahead end your life please.
Life today as a kid can be quite frightening,
So I'ma stay true to the game and keep fighting.
I'ma give the rat pack something to laugh at.
The Bible says the first will be last and thats that.
Fast cash is nothing if you can't even pass class.
Money doesn't make you better that's bad math.
As a society our mentality don't add
Up to anything of value it's just trash.
But we can take it out to the curb don't get mad.
The kids deserve better from us it's just sad.

Why do you just have to tear me down?
Why do you just have to see me frown?
When you laugh I can not stand the sound.
Can't fit in you don't want me around.

(Verse 2)
And another thing where did these kids learn to hate.
Where'd they learn to smile in your face and be fake.
Congratulate to perpetrate for the sake of being snakes.
Where'd they learn to tear their neighbors down for being great?
And you wonder why your kids off the chain
No respect tell they elders to kick rocks for days.
You let their favorite rapper get rich off your pay
And then complain about how their hip hops to blame
But they say the apple don't fall far from the tree.
I rep for the strength of the small and the weak
While these fake rappers teaching them guap cars and greed
Orchestrating fake drama get rich off the beef
Fronting Like they're hustling with glocks, rocks, and G's.
They shot all police then copped all the kis.
My mission is to get your kids all of the streets.
Cause the machine to stop pause and freeze.
Glocks popped and squeezed well hard talk is cheap.
The rappers indirectly put chalk on the streets.
And yall gone support them with all of your cheese
No socks on your feet, but you cop they're CDs.
Man it's just pitiful, The least you can do is make sure they spit lyrical.
Yall have the power to decide what's hot.
The mainstream's a machine to suppress your thought.
You have the greens and the means but support what's not.
Yeah, we all killed Biggie and we shot Tupac
It's all our fault. Why we let it get this far.
How far will we go to be seen as hard.
Sad thing it trickles down to the youth.
Stop lying in the booth and get down to the truth.
And parents... You're their idols from the start of it.
Show them the way and they will not depart from it.

Track Name: The Cycle
Track 9
The Cycle

Has it come to this? I used to be project rich...
Glorified by my peers on some project ish.
A fan of hip hop way before Nas said this:
"Hip Hop's dead." I ain't been a hip hop head since.
A locked fist had the game in my hardest clinch.
But I fell off now I'm sleeping on this project bench.
Addicted to the same cane I served them rockheads with.
How did I get here and when did my problems shift...
From bad to worst? Glad to hurt pass the curse.
Of families crying while driving after Hearse.
It didn't take much to get my gat to burst.
My life should it end with a crash and burn?
I reminisce on high school I was the last to learn.
Laugh slack cut class harass the girls.
Dropped out for the streets I had racks to earn.
Black sacks packed with crack meant cash to burn.
I met my baby mama in the hood I had to flirt.
Had her skirt, balled up one day after work.
I told her that I love her and then I passed the purp.
She said "How much?" I didn't have the words
She told me that she was pregnant and I laughed at first.
Just to cover up the fear I didn't have the nerve.
I told her with my grind, that she would have the world,
But then I left her and my son after birth.
So the cycle continues, A life full of issues.
Pain cuts deep down right to the sinews.
Life throws a bone I'll bite through the gristle.
But if it gets hard I'll fly through the window.
Easy way out I'll glide through life's issues
I should've been a father but I wasn't meant to
My dad left me when I was born. So I did too.
I'm following his blueprint down right to the stencil.
The streets raised me up product of my environment.
I dreamed of being rich every day. King sire ish.
I'll kill anyone before I leave die or quit
Baby mama's love couldn't force my retirement.
Known to spew venom and I breath fire when
Competition runs up the burner retires them
A B.A. D.A. got three guys to snitch
So I rolled out coked out and left three liars stiff.
Spare me your judgements. I'm clearly above it.
Who needs family when you're married to duckets?
A menace to society scaring the public.
I'll never kick it but I'll bury the bucket.
Right next to your bones for daring to covet.
Tool on my hip don't dare me to bust it.
Gangster in my DNA rare breed of thuggin
I bet even my fore fathers carried the musket.
But the truth is I could've been something more down inside merry and loving.
Two kids and a wife and a house with a dog caring and hugging.
But my life as a man with a plan to do better was scary to trust in.
But now end of the road I realize that my life was clearly for nothing.
So when I see my son, I'll tell him "Sorry for the deeds I've done"
And "I'm not proud of what I've become"
And "If I could do it over then I'd choose love"
I think I'll see him soon. It's time to re-up.
Often see him after midnight before one.
See he doesn't know my face but I know he's my son.
See my son is the one who sells me my drugs.

The cycle continues...
A life full of issues...
The cycle continues...
It's not wise to get into...
Track Name: Redemption
Track 10

(Verse 1)
Lookin for redemption for a long time.
Started music at the age of six that's a long grind.
Long time folks saying I won't shine.
Cerebral line spittin's gettin me lost in my own mind.
The wrong rhyme will have me on a street driving with no signs
Of life anywhere I mean none of no kind.
Visions getting hazy, starting to go blind.
Worst fear of all that my destiny I won't find.
I'm gone try but...

(Pre Chorus 1)
I'm so confused.
Don't know where I'm going.
I can't get through.
Fears and doubts are flowing.

I've been traveling on this road
No money no food no place to go
Tired of these obstacles in my way
And if I get there still don't got no place to stay

So I wanna fly away
So high today
And I wanna fly away

(Verse 2)
Questing for redemption. Yes I'm on a mission.
Haters naysayers can't stop a playa pay attention.
To the dope boys, stop before they raid your kitchen.
Stop your wasteful spending use them stacks to pay tuition.
To my fellow artists stop writing fake descriptions.
You ain't gangsta living. And to the gangstas chillin...
I'ma come and raid ya village, save the children.
I don't want beef I'm just trying to make a difference.

(Pre Chorus 2)
And you can too.
This is the hour.
You have the tools.
You have the power.


(Verse 3)
Do you need redemption?
Cause I think I found it.
Through obstacles I didn't know that I could move a mountain.
I heard the old folks in church sing there is a fountain.
And since that day my feet have been solid steady grounded.
Come what may my faith won't fade it's what keeps me well rounded.
And I may miss a shot but through his grace I'm gone rebound it.
Lord I'm gone give you the glory music's gone resound it.
I'ma send your holy message out to the confounded.

(Pre Chorus 3)
Now... I'll follow you.
I... I need your guidance.
You... You are the truth.
I... I won't keep silent.

Track Name: Vinthoven's 1st Symphony (Freedom)
Vinthoven's 1st Symphony (Freedom)

Time to go home. Home.
Time to go home. Home.

(Verse 1)
I used to think a gangster was the thing to be.
I strangled beef throwing hands wasn't a thing to me.
But I did it for respect in retrospect it was all insane, to me.
But yet it's strange to me that even in the midst of beef
Death was not in range of me. Then it came to me.
One night in the studio God explained to me
A vision that was plain to see and made me free.
That I could change the streets
With the gifts he gave to me.
That's why I'm not ashamed to say the price that Jesus paid for me.
So now I just bring the heat. I wrangle strangle then mangle beats.
Hoping one day that the change in me, It could be the change in you.
And that you'll make it through your situation without playing the fool.
See what if we made it cool...
To get an education study hard and make good grades in school?
See that's the lesson man if yall jump on them lesson plans,
you start reppin man your minds your best weapon man
I graduated summa cum laude and that's a blessing man.
This is my confession man. See I used to be one of yall.
Not a dollar to my name just a little bit of change
But a nigga still tried to ball. Straight trip if you pull my card.
Tell me how you trying to be top dog when the only way to be top dog
Is to hold your head high to the sky and don't be scared to fall?
Don't be scared to walk when you can't see ahead cause it's too much fog.
Now I don't walk I just jog I don't stall I hop walls like they too small.
And I learned this for myself. Had to put the twelve gage back on the shelf.
Trying to be the king of beef is bad for your health.
Stop chasing after riches start chasing after wealth.


(Verse 2)
We've all fallen short of his grace.
So it's safe to say I've made mistakes all along the way.
But I thank god for the errors of my yesterday.
He showed me a better way, so finally I can proudly say
That I'm the man you see today.
When weather grays and tomorrows filled with sorrow
I can keep my head to better days.
That's why I can't help but pray.
But it's hard to elevate, when your only motivation
Is the accumulation of better pay.
For this generation and nation I can't help but say,
"Damn! You really want your kids' kids' kids in the streets with Ks?"
"Killing your cousins kids' kids over kis of yay?"
It's people dying over what their favorite rapper say.
When their favorite records play,
Tell me who's gone ease the pain
When gangstas bustin where the children play make the grim reapers day?
A child in the way of AK sprays between rival gangs...
The good die young but tell me why does evil stay?

Track Name: Afterword (Afterward)
Track 12
Afterword (Afterward)

This is V, and I'd like to say hi again.
The conclusion of this album starts my fight to end.
The self-destruction, lies, deceit, and senseless violence in
Our music and culture causing people's live to end.
Enemy identified I'll take the fight to them.
I'f life's a game then I'm hoping that yall fight to win.
If you're down and out lost in a life of sin, just repent.
You'll get your wings back and fly again.
Tell your haters wait awhile they'll catch you in the skies again
Cause you caught the devil lurking 'round in disguise again.
But you ain't falling for his lies again.
Now your walking with the way the truth and the light again.
So begins a new life amongst wiser men
A life within the scope of being real ride or die my friend.
On the winning side of the internal fight within.
The external fight with men is nothing let the fight begin.